Monday, 19 December 2011

Engleza de afaceri/ Improve your business English (2)

More and more people nowadays are interested in perfecting their knowledge of English but their focus has gradually shifted from general English to business English.
You can start acquiring business terms once you reach your elementary level of knowledge (elementary level comes right after the beginner level). To start a business English course you need some vocabulary on which we can build the business related one and also some grammar points which I usually revise and complete in dialogue based tasks.  
As everybody at some point sells something in real life, one of my activities devised for these courses is to have a presentation of one’s products or services over an informal meeting, in a restaurant or so. I prefer to have this activity and not the typical presentation because I like my students to have some small talk, too.
A few  tips: all the time have your presentation thoroughly prepared and be ready to answer any questions, as I have mentioned in my previous articles about presentations. Moreover, try to keep the conversation flowing on other topics, but always pointing out the advantages that the client can expect from a possible collaboration. More on this topic you can find here.

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