Thursday, 29 December 2011

Engleza de afaceri/ Making a presentation

I have introduced this topic in previous articles and I intend to develop it a little more.
Making presentations is part of almost everybody’s daily routine. Many of you have a lot of information about it and my approach will be more like a personal one.
As a philologist I was trained to give very long presentations and I used to believe in “the more the better” or “the longer the better”. During my banking and business studies, my perspective changed like lightning when I noticed that my word based presentations were worth almost nothing in the eyes of my audience. One can never compare a presentation about Shakespeare’s sonnets with one about the evolution of the interest rate on monetary policy, for example.
A few tips:
My experience has taught me that people react better to images and to very simple and logical ideas. So do not tell a story but show key concepts on your slides. The key factors must be presented in evolution and not static. If you present the evolution of your best sold products (the cash cows), introduce all the relevant information in a graph. Another tip is to draw the graphs yourself and not to copy them from someplace else. Even if this involves more work, try to be original. An experienced viewer can all the time tell the difference between your point of view and ideas taken from another presentation.
More on this topic you can find in the article here.

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