Friday, 13 January 2012

Engleza de afaceri/ Negotiating techniques (2)

I have introduced this topic in my previous article here.

I have started to develop the tricky issue of negotiating the numbers. It is common knowledge that neither party is willing to mention the numbers first but if it is possible, let the other side suggest the first number.

In the case of a sales contract, the first number the buyer states is usually the least he expects to pay. On the other hand, the first number the seller mentions is the highest amount he thinks he might be able to get. The same goes for a more familiar situation for many of you, meaning, negotiating your salary. The employer usually first mentions the lowest number in his salary budget whereas the employee’s first number is the most he expects to obtain.

A few tips: Always know the number you really want to end up with and try to suggest a starting number that will force the other side to respond with a number that combined to your starting number, will average up to a number you will be happy to accept. 
In a simpler idea, you propose meeting the other party in the middle by averaging the two numbers out.

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