Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Learn English/ The English sentence

The pattern of the English sentence is, as I mentioned in previous articles, simple. We have to use a subject, a verb at a certain tense and other words, if necessary. The tenses are to be acquired and understood in time and in practice but there still remains a problem, the presence of a subject in the English sentence, which is, unlike in the Romanian sentence, mandatory.

A few tips: when writing or speaking use a subject in your sentences. After you write a text, check if all the verbs (used at a certain tense) have a subject. A sentence without a subject is not correct or complete. Pay attention especially to sentences which do not have a subject in the Romanian language. I have noticed mistakes in sentences like these: “There is a car in the street” or “There are some cars in the street”. Students sometimes forget to use a subject in these sentences because there isn’t one in the Romanian sentences. In Romanian we say: “Este o mașină pe stradă”  and  “Sunt niște mașini pe stradă”, so no subject! Also when you use “there’’ as the subject of a sentence do not forget that it is all the time the subject of the verb “to be”.

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