Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Improve your English (1)

You have attended your first English class or classes and everything seems rather difficult to you. Students find their first courses rather challenging because they have to deal with a lot of new  information which can be difficult to memorize.
How can you use what you have studied and how can you improve it?
A few tips:
During your first courses you study the basics, meaning the auxiliaries To Be and To Have and also some vocabulary. I must admit that the vocabulary develops each course passing so it is not easy. Use the new  vocabulary in sentences of your own. Do not learn the verbs and the new vocabulary by heart. Make sentences with them and do not forget about the questions. Write descriptions or texts based on the topics that you have studied in class.
Be careful when you use “there is” and “there are” and do not forget the subject “there”.
Ex: “There is a chair in the room” and “there are some chairs in the room”. In this kind of sentences, students usually forget to use the subject because we do not have a subject in these sentences in Romanian.
Use all the new  information in sentences and dialogues and check if all the sentences have a subject and a verb and if the questions have an auxiliary.

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