Monday, 23 January 2012

Learn English/ About the Cambridge examinations (3)

I have included useful information about these exams in my previous articles, some of them you can find here and here.

In this piece I will have a few tips about the Reading Paper for the CAE.
You will have one hour and 15 minutes to complete this task. This paper consists of four parts, each containing one text or several shorter pieces. There are 34 questions in total, including multiple choice, gapped texts and multiple matching.
The first part of the reading paper usually deals with multiple choice questions. It is basically an easier task as compared with the listening, writing and speaking papers. It involves reading comprehension and I couldn’t help noticing some of my students’ shortcomings concerning this task. Being generally considered easy, students do not focus too much on it. That is why they tend to sometimes choose the wrong answer.

So always read the texts carefully, paying attention to details, because the task is based upon details from the texts and not general ideas. Consequently it is not a good idea to summarize the text but to mind the important details.
More information about my courses for the CAE, the textbooks and rates you can find here.


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