Thursday, 20 October 2011

On the TOEFL examination

Some people, due to some requirements coming from their employers or authorities from countries they intend to migrate, have to sit in the TOEFL examination.
The exam is also based upon the reading, speaking, writing and listening skills. Major requirements: good knowledge of grammar and fluency.
A few tips:
The reading test is based upon some kind of long texts (7oo words or so), whose topics are rather unusual and not very common. Be relaxed, you are not supposed to know anything about the topics of the texts, but read the text attentively and carefully do the tasks. They are sometimes based on details. You should also be careful about the timing, which leads to the most important aspect of the TOEFL examination, the time frame.
For all the tasks you have to perform, you need to respect the timing and this is especially difficult for the speaking test. For this task, you will either read or listen to some sentences or a text. Sometimes you have to do both and the task is based on both of them. The topics are easy, based upon everyday life situations. After you listen or read the task, you have 30-60 seconds to prepare and then 45-60 seconds to speak. It is rather tight because you have to think fast and you do not have time for taking notes. So structure your response in your mind and do not stop talking until the time is up.
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