Saturday, 22 October 2011

Making progress (2)

 After some articles requested by my students, I am finally able to go on with Making progress (2)
Unfortunately, the news is bad because, in order to make progress, it is advisable to follow a course based upon a syllabus. Basically you cannot make progress by yourself unless you have professional guidance during your studies.
What can you do if you do not have the time or the means to follow  a course? A few tips:
If you have some knowledge, try to develop it through speaking (with friends, colleagues and other nice people), through reading, watching television, films and other activities you enjoy. If you want to improve on your grammar, do not do this by learning it by heart. You will get nowhere because the English grammar is difficult in theory but easy in practice.    
If you have attended a course, but for the time being you have stopped, you should try not to forget what you have acquired during it.  Try to read something every day or watch a News TV channel. Try reading newspapers. You can also listen to a radio station  but if you are at the Beginner or Elementary level, it is not advisable  because you may not understand everything and not being able to associate the words with images (as we do when watching TV), it is not productive.
Also listen to the CD of the textbook you have studied. This includes the exercises for the listening activities. It is good for the vocabulary, pronunciation and sometimes, grammar. Now and then write letters to friends or to other people in order to practice the written language. Also you can find in bookshops  books which come with a CD for practicing the listening and speaking skills.
The long story short or if you skip the first six paragraphs, the best tip one can give is speak  speak  speak!

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