Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Writing/ translating a contract

You may sometimes find it difficult to write or to translate a contract.
Firstly mention the parties involved in the contract, the offeror and the offeree (the Offeror makes the offer which is then accepted by the offeree) and also the essentials, the price and the subject matter.
The following are some of the typical clauses a contract consists of, such as Entire Agreement, Assignment, Acceleration, Confidentiality, Consideration, Force Majeure, Liquidated Damages, Severability, Termination, Payment of Costs.
For those with some insight in legal English, I am hopeful that these contract clauses make sense and do be sure you use them in their right translation.
Next time we will have “Making progress (2)”. I did not forget about it but I enjoy a varied content for my blog which can also become enjoyable for all of you.

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