Monday, 9 December 2013

The stock market/ engleza de afaceri

As I mentioned before, the stock market and investing in the stock market is one of the topics for my business English courses.
In one of my previous articles upon the same topic, I have introduced some general ideas.
As an investor, the moment I am interested into a company's shares, I usually take some aspects into account. First, the financial information, such as the evolution of the profit and the profit-loss account. (A presentation upon the fundamental analysis of shares will be published soon).

Provided these look fine, I move on to the next step, meaning checking the evolution of the value of the shares in a graph. "Reading" the graph is very important and challenging. If there are many ups and downs, maybe the decision to invest is not just the right one. If the graph is ascending for a period of time, it is a good sign, because the value of the shares is increasing, but, be aware, after a period of increase, the value can reach a peak, from which it starts descending. Nobody can see this coming, mainly because the stock markets are "perfect", so they incorporate all the information, meaning whenever there is a rumor concerning the evolution of a certain company, the investors are selling or buying, which settles the things differently from the point of view of demand and offer.

I will resume the same topic in my next article.
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