Thursday, 6 December 2012

The FCE exam

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I have been very busy lately trying to help my students get the highest scores for the international certificates CAE, FCE and IELTS at the exams being held this weekend and the last.

I would like to share some tips with the contestants with a view to the issues that students find the most difficult.

The outline of the FCE exam is the following:
  • Reading: 1 hour
  • Writing: 1 hour 20 minutes
  • Use of English: 45 minutes
  • Listening: 40 minutes (aprox.)
  • Speaking: 14 minutes (aprox.)
-The most important thing that ensures the success is attention, so, all the time, read the questions carefully and underline keywords.

-For the FCE Speaking test Part 2, the students are supposed to speak about pictures which are rather unappealing. You should try to “squeeze’’ them of all useful information. It is advisable to build your speech around some vocabulary items that you can choose, based upon the pictures.

-Never forget to compare two of the pictures while answering the question(s).

-Pay attention to your partner’s pictures, because you will be asked a question based upon them.

To be continued.


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