Sunday, 11 November 2012

Conversation courses for beginners

START ENGLISHWatch, listen, speak. Tips and tricks about English.

These courses are based upon dialogues about everyday life situations with a focus on questions. The themes are very simple at the beginning and in time, they become more complex. I also teach my students how to ask questions because they sometimes make mistakes, due to the fact that in our language we do not have rules for questions.  
Questions are very important because in any situation, you will manage through asking questions. Also, questions are a key point in every conversation.
Another issue to be discussed refers to being polite in English, another situation totally different from our language. In Romanian we have the politeness pronouns, in English we have to make do (manage) with “could” or “would”.
So whenever you need something you say: “Could you help me?” or “Could I have …?” and whenever you offer something you say: “Would you like …?”

There are also some grammar themes but presented mainly in practice, meaning in conversation.

Start English pentru 300 lei pe luna!


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