Thursday, 23 February 2012

About the IELTS examination (5)

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In my previous article here I have given some useful tips (I hope) about the Listening paper for the IELTS exam.

Presently I have to develop some facts about the Listening paper Section 3.
For the IELTS Listening Section 3 you will listen to a dialogue between two to four speakers and the topic can relate to an aspect of academic life. There are 10 questions and up to three tasks to do. The tasks can be a flow-chart, multiple choice or labeling a diagram. The flow-chart completion requires following a discussion and filling in some given options according to what the candidate hears. It is easier in practice than in theory. Diagram labeling consists of transferring the information you hear onto a simple picture or a plan. While listening you need to focus on details concerning the location of things in that particular picture. For both these tasks there are more items than you need to fill. Also I think you are familiar with what multiple choice tasks entail.

A few more tips: for all tasks concerning listening activities, read beforehand the information given because while listening to the dialogues, you need to know what to listen for. Focus on the tasks and always listen carefully because you will hear the recording only once. More about my courses for the IELTS exam you can find here.

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