Monday, 13 February 2012

About the IELTS examination (4)

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Examenul IELTS (International English Language Testing System) este cel mai cunoscut test de limba engleza din lume.

Testul IELTS va ajuta sa folositi limba engleza intr-o tara straina in orice context si folosing toate abilitatile: reading, listening, speaking and writing.

Daca sustineti un test IELTS, puteti sa studiati, sa lucrati si sa locuiti aproape oriunde in lume, sau va ajuta sa promovati sau sa aplicati pentru un post mai bine platit care implica interactiune in limba engleza cu parteneri si clienti straini.

I have introduced facts about the Listening paper Section 1 for the IELTS examination here.

In this article I will enlarge upon the Listening Section 2.

For this activity you will listen to a talk, a speech or an announcement usually given by one person, the topic of which involving a subject of general interest. There will be ten questions, basically multiple choice, matching or completing a chart, divided into two tasks with a brief pause in between.

A few tips: before listening to the recording, read the questions carefully and pay attention to the key words. There will be a pause between the two tasks. Use it to read the next questions because you will hear the recording only once.

While listening, pay attention to details and key words because this is what multiple choice tasks are based upon. For the second part which can be a matching or a fill-in task, firstly try to familiarize yourself with the information given and with the instructions for the task.

For all the papers, no matter the exam, try to study the instructions thoroughly because this is the first step towards solving the tasks accurately and acquiring a better grade.

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