Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Engleza de afaceri/ Economics courses

For this kind of courses I follow a textbook or many textbooks due to the fact that the ones that are on the market are not entirely satisfying. My honest opinion is that the English manuals on economics or macroeconomics are not basically devised for economists but for any kind of students trying to improve their English. I have noticed that they include some concepts which are presented through a definition and not as interrelated with others.
During the first courses I introduce some key concepts such as inflation, unemployment, the interest rate for monetary policy or money in the economy and I try to present them in association and following some economics laws or concepts such as the Phillips Curve.
The theoretical approach is supplemented with practical activities, such as analyzing in a graph the evolution of inflation (or other macroeconomics indicators) and to compare its evolution in Romania with its evolution in the EU states.

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  1. We usually have a debate on the Phillips Curve as some economists acquiesce this and others do not, especially during these “volatile” times.