Friday, 2 December 2011

Learn English/ About the tenses (3)

I have mentioned in my article here that students understand the affirmative form of the tenses in general, but they are at pains ( it is very difficult for them ) when they try to use the interrogative form. The tense focus of this article will be the present tense simple, in order to enlarge upon the topics introduced in my previous articles.

Students find it difficult to use an auxiliary verb in questions because we do not use auxiliaries in questions in our language or in the French language. But when they do use an auxiliary, some mistakes are likely to appear.

They sometimes say: “Do he speaks English?” or “Does he speaks English?”. The correct question is “Does he speak English?“, because we make the concord between the subject and the first verb in a sentence. Also we do not make the concord twice as in “Does he speaks English?”. Once is enough. Again, the correct sentence is: " Does he speak English?"
I will develop this topic in my classes especially in conversation, as “practice makes perfect”.

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