Friday, 18 November 2011

Translations/ Traduceri Romana-Engleza

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There are frequent situations in which many of you have to translate sentences or texts from Romanian into English. It is even more difficult if you have to also use banking or business terms.

Let’s say that you have to translate the following sentences:

"Compania X a concediat zece angajati in cursul lunii septembrie./ Mai multe intreprinderi mici si mijlocii au fost preluate de societati multinationale./ Importatorul a acceptat cambia."

A few tips:

Firstly, in all the sentences you have to use a subject. Secondly, think of the right tense to be used. Even if in the first sentence we have a past tense in Romanian, in English we have the present perfect simple. In the second sentence you should use the Passive Voice and also pay attention to the tense you use. All the time have in mind the description of the tenses in English and not in Romanian. Moreover, pay attention to the use of phrasal verbs.

If you do not know some words, such as intreprinderi mici și mijlocii (small and medium-sized enterprises) or cambie (bill of exchange), use a reliable source of information, a dictionary, a text book, newspaper articles and do not use random words only to have your work done. Provided you cannot find the right words, try to rephrase the sentence or try to use a synonym.

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