Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Improve your English (3)

If you have attended some courses on a regular basis, progress is easy to attain and now  your level is pre-intermediate.
Courses for the pre-intermediate level are focused no longer on grammar but on the use of English, mainly conversing on various topics, developing all kinds of subjects and of course, small talk.
Everything that you experience can become a pretext for conversing. Also it is a good idea to change an ordinary situation into an intricate one, your benefits being the choice of words, meaning acquiring new  vocabulary.
The tasks for the reading activity become longer and more complex. After reading the text silently, refrain from looking the new  words up in the dictionary, but try to guess their meanings in context. Or you would better try to find a synonym or a synonymous phrase. After you grasp the whole idea about the text, try to give the summary of the text or to summarize it into only one sentence.
The tasks for the listening activity are also longer and complex. While listening, do not pay attention to the words that you do not understand, but to key words in the text that can help you understand the text as a whole and not word for word. Which is advisable to do especially when conversing with native speakers.

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