Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Getting on to business

All the articles on my blog would be written in English. I know, that would not be easy for my students who are now  trying to learn the basics but, because the courses are mainly in  English, I do hope that my articles would become an useful  and pleasurable  reading for everybody.

All the time I advise my students to try and stay in touch with the language, because foreign languages are very hard to learn but very easy to forget.

So keep contact! Try to read as much as you can, try to speak it as much as possible. Of course, I notice for the majority of my Romanian students some kind of reluctance towards using the language. They are so afraid that they will make mistakes so they stop talking. You should not be worried if you make mistakes, this is how  you learn. If you are in a foreign country or you have to speak to a foreigner, take a deep breath and utter the simplest sentence that you can think of, in that context. By the simplest sentence I mean trying to use a subject and a verb and possibly, another word.  
So if you do not have time to read a book or an article, you can try reading my blog. If you do not understand a word, you look it up in a dictionary and I trust you do not forget it afterwards.

Next time I will come up with an article for my students at the beginner level.


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