Friday, 30 September 2011

Common mistakes (1)

First of all, most of the mistakes that Romanian students make  derive from the need (as I commented upon in my last article), to translate everything in Romanian and after that to express that  sentence in English.

 I mentioned my Romanian students, because non native Romanian speakers make other types of mistakes according to the features of their mother tongue as compared with the English language.

For example, in Romanian we say  “ în fiecare zi, that is why people translate this phrase in the wrong way and they say ”In every day”. The correct form is  ”every day”, of course. Another mistake  that I often hear is   ”In the weekend”, due to the fact that we say in Romanian  în weekend”. (weekend is in Romanian a loanword from the English language, so we do not really use  sfârșit de săptămână”, anymore.) The correct form for this is  ”at the weekend ”. so we use the preposition ”at”. Prepositions in English are a tricky issue, they are used usually not according to their meaning, but according to the phrases they appear in.
So use: ” I go shopping at the weekend”  and ”I go to work every day”.

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