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Tips and tricks about the IELTS exam

START ENGLISH. Watch, listen, speak. Tips and tricks about

Examenul IELTS (International English Language Testing System) este cel mai cunoscut test de limba engleza din lume.

Testul IELTS va ajuta sa folositi limba engleza intr-o tara straina in orice context si folosing toate abilitatile: reading, listening, speaking and writing.

Daca sustineti un test IELTS, puteti sa studiati, sa lucrati si sa locuiti aproape oriunde in lume, sau va ajuta sa promovati sau sa aplicati pentru un post mai bine platit care implica interactiune in limba engleza cu parteneri si clienti straini.

The focus of the article will be the speaking task. The topics for this task are based upon everyday life situations, but some tasks can be very unbecoming for many students. What I am trying to say is that some of the topics may not be so familiar or suitable for all the contestants, mainly because they are not all the time part of their daily routine or environment. For example, it can sometimes be difficult for a business man to develop a talk based upon a cooking routine. Some topics are related to education, exams, weather..etc.

A few tips:

Once you get your topics, try to brainstorm some vocabulary about them, then think of some ideas that you can develop in conversation. Think of some possible questions that the examiners can ask. One final tip: never stop talking, your goal for this task being to show your fluency on any topic. The topics for the speaking test are developed extensively during the preparation modules.

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