Monday, 3 June 2013

Engleza juridica/ Legal English

Taking into account the fact that we receive many requests for legal English courses, I would like to enlarge upon the methodology of these courses. 
During the first legal English classes, new vocabulary is being introduced. 

These concepts pertain to the legal system, such as: the bodies of law (civil law, common law, criminal law), types of laws, types of courts, persons in court (defendant, clerk, claimant/plaintiff, advocate….), documents in court (affidavit, brief, complaint, motion…).

The new vocabulary is introduced in context and in communicative and interactive activities. I have mentioned in a previous article that the focus of the legal English courses is the new vocabulary which is first brainstormed and then practiced.

We organize legal English courses on request. If you are interested, submit your application HERE and do not forget to mention which interval of time is suitable for you. We will get back to you in due time.

Organizam cursuri de engleza juridica la sediul nostru sau la sediile companiilor beneficiare. Oferim 10% reducere pentru cursurile de engleza organizate dimineata. Oferim 100 de lei reducere daca aduceti un prieten la cursurile noastre. Tarife accesibile.


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