Monday, 11 March 2013

Invata engleza/Cursuri de engleza juridica

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I have received many requests for legal English courses, as well as many questions about the development and the syllabuses for these courses, so I would like to present some facts.

Firstly, in order to attend these courses, your level of knowledge should be at least B1, meaning pre-intermediate. If your level is pre-intermediate, you should apply for the first type of legal English courses and the textbook is Introduction to International Legal English
If your level is C1, meaning advanced, your textbook will be International Legal English , which is also suitable for the preparation for the International Legal English Certificate (ILEC).

If you are not sure about your level your knowledge, we offer preliminary tests, which are for free. The tests can take place at your office, if you are a legal person, or at our office, if you are an individual person. We also organize on-line courses and testing through Skype.

About the development and structure of the courses, I should mention that one of the most difficult aspect related to the legal English courses is the new vocabulary. We all the time present the new vocabulary in context and we explain the new words through examples and case studies. For example I have introduced in my previous paragraph two items, legal person and individual person. I do trust you have understood them.
I will come up with more details about the International Legal English Certificate and the development of my courses.


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