Monday, 17 December 2012

Engleza juridica/Legal English

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Taking into account the fact that we receive many requests for legal English courses, I would like to enlarge upon the methodology of these courses. 

During the first legal English classes, new vocabulary is being introduced. These concepts pertain to the legal system, such as: the bodies of law (civil law, common law, criminal law), types of laws, types of courts, persons in court (defendant, clerk, claimant/plaintiff, advocate….), documents in court (affidavit, brief, complaint, motion…).

The new vocabulary is introduced in context and in communicative and interactive activities. I have mentioned in a previous article that the focus of the legal English courses is the new vocabulary which is first brainstormed and then practiced.

PS: legal person/s =persoana juridica
     individual person/s = persoana fizica.

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