Monday, 6 August 2012


Due to that fact that I have received a lot of requests from my Romanian students and readers to also write my articles in Romanian, I will consequently do so.
But, mind you, the article in Romanian will be a summary of the article in English. I will not translate my article in English into Romanian because I do not want to free the monster of trying to learn a language through another one; in our case to learn English through Romanian.
Of course, there are many methodology approaches that can confirm this method. But after careful observation during my seventeen years of practice, I have decided that this approach is not the best one from the point of view of long term results.
I base my courses on communication, which can become very difficult when the students allocate time first to translate the sentences they have heard into Romanian, after that to think about a possible answer in Romanian and then to translate it into English. It is a very long and complicated process which makes conversation awkward or nonexistent.
In order that my method would be clearer, I am going to present in future articles the activities that I develop during all my courses.

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