Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Improve your business English/Engleza de afaceri

Generally everybody, working in all kinds of environments, has to search for information which can sometimes be available only in English.
Provided that your level of English allows you to do so, how can you improve your business English?
A few tips:
Read international financial newspapers, also you can read Romanian financial newspapers which have an English section. First read the article in Romanian, after that read the article in English, so you can remember some business, banking and economics terms.
There are also many blogs over the internet where trends, economic situations, economic issues and indicators are discussed and commented upon. Some more information is to be found in my business English articles.
These are good advice for self taught people, for the others it can be a good idea to follow a business English course. More information about my business courses you can find in my article here.

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