Monday, 30 April 2012

Improve your English (5)

Every day in class I hear many mistakes. I correct them on the spot, but I sometimes hear them again and again..
This article is dedicated to some of my most diligent and dearest students for whom especially I write this piece.
As I mentioned in my articles about my conversation courses, I always encourage my students to try and express their ideas using their own words, for the beginning. They usually manage with difficulty at first and consequently better, as time passes.
While speaking to one another, my students use some phrases in a wrong way due to some false similarities with the Romanian language.
It is not correct to say:  “You have right”, but “You are right”. This happens due to the fact that we say in Romanian: “(Tu) ai dreptate”.
Also it is not correct to say: “I am agree with you”, but ”I agree with you”. This is the result of the way we express this sentence in Romanian: “ (Eu) sunt de acord cu tine”.

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