Saturday, 4 February 2012


Imbolc is a heathen celebration held on the 1st or on the 2nd of February. It is the first celebration heralding the coming of spring with snowy winds, misty blizzards and delicate snowdrops.
More than a month has passed since the 22nd of December, the winter solstice and the sun prolongs its journey to the world. 
Imbolc is the feast of the poets and their flame of creativity is celebrated. The goddess Brigid is especially honored at this time. One of the customs is the making of a Bridie Doll by dressing up a sheaf of oats in women’s clothing and later placing it in the earth.This has links with fertility rites.
More about Imbolc and about the catholic celebration of Candlemass which replaced it, you can find here.

I have added a picture of late winter or early spring also being taken at my favorite spot in Bucharest, The Village Museum.

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