Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Improve your English (2)

In my previous article on the same topic I have given advice for students at the beginner level. Now  I am addressing students at the elementary level. The levels of knowledge are in this order: Beginner, elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate (advanced).
If your level is elementary it means that you can manage with the use of tenses and you have become familiar with some vocabulary that can cover some areas of the language.
A few  tips:
Try to make some Small Talk. As I mentioned in a previous article, during all my classes I have Small Talk. If you do not know, this is basically conversing on some very simple and common topics. The topics may be simple but the activity is not.  It is difficult to fluently speak in another language about a lot of stuff, usually unimportant or to answer the question: “What have you been doing lately?” or “How are things?”. When I have this activity with my students, I tell them to imagine themselves chatting with their best friends in English, of course. More on this respect we will have in class, or you can sign up for a conversation course.

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