Thursday, 13 October 2011

Responding to a client/ Scrie in engleza

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Many students complain about the necessity to interact with international clients when their English is rather poor. Usually this kind of interaction is in writing. A few tips:

Start like this:

“Dear Mister X / Missis X,

I have received your letter and I am eager to respond……”or” I am writing regarding…”

In simple sentences write the content of your email and end with “yours sincerely” and your full name.

I have seen a lot of formal emails ending with “best wishes”. I do not recommend it because it is not formal. When you write your email, all the time use polite phrases such as: “you would …”, “I / you could …”, “ I was wondering if you could…”.

Of course, everything I have said is general, it does not apply to all cases because there are many variables involved, like the topic of the email, the people involved, the relationship between them etc.

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