Friday, 28 October 2011

Business courses

During my business courses, firstly I introduce common topics, such as writing and responding to business emails, writing a CV and a letter of application, role play in an interview, writing and presenting an offer and phone conversations with customers. Also these themes can expand to presenting the products of a particular company, presenting a company in all respects, including the evolution of profit and turnover, presenting and analyzing its balance sheet and income statement. We can also analyze the evolution of a company from the point of view of profitability and solvency, through calculating some indicators based on its balance sheet and income statement. The activity of a company can be analyzed over the last years and if there is a decrease in financial results, ways for improving can be discussed.
We can go on with writing and presenting a business plan if the company needs external financing.
If the company is a joint stock we can analyze its evolution on the stock market and the possibility of acquiring financing through the stock markets. Alternative ways of financing can be compared.     
The course can focus only on financial analysis or it can also be a marketing approach, through which we can write and present the marketing plan and the SWOT analysis or ways for achieving a certain market share.

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